About us

BaleBid.com is a unique marketplace specifically designed for the brokerage and trading of recyclable material and recycling equipment.

It offers a truly unique global platform for recyclers, manufacturers, mills, re-grinders and brokers wherever they are worldwide.

With the age of digitalisation the world has not only become a smaller place but it’s no longer a localised marketplace, with worldwide trading you can always expect the best buyers and sellers to unite for the single purpose of trading.

BaleBid.com overcomes continental barriers and puts all the buyers and sellers on an even platform to trade from the Highlands of Scotland to the Centre of Asia, with even fluctuation shipping costs and exchange rates BaleBid.com enables trade between buyer and seller to be seamless, protected and easy.

BaleBid.com is hosted globally and enjoyed by business all over the world including Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, USA, Germany, Finland, Japan, Norway, France, China, United Kingdom, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Australia, France and Canada. It truly offers a global platform to buy and sell recyclables.

BaleBid.com is hosted by Amazon servers globally to ensure your online experience is smooth, we have industry leading security in place to protect you and your confidential details and trading policies to ensure your trading is protected and monitored.

Our team constantly monitor activity and listen to our customers 24/7. We have teams of recycling industry experts constantly making improvements to our platform and monitoring global forces such as exchange rates, shipping preferences and global pressures from conflicts and political influences to ensure BaleBid.com is always working for you and your best interests, wherever you are in the world.

Trading on BaleBid.com is the smart way to trade your recycling materials / goods.