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MachTech/Lindner are the UK’s leading supplier of industrial shredding equipment. Originally formed in 2004 as a service company for industrial shredding machinery, we are the sole distributor for the award-winning Lindner-Recyclingtech shredders for the UK and Ireland. Our versatile range of products consists of Primary, Secondary, Universal and Mobile shredders as well as processing systems for solid recovered fuels (SRF) and refuse derived fuel (RDF) and Impact Crushers for Anaerobic Digestion.

Groundbreaking and reliable technology are the standards set by generations of the Lindner family and the current range of multi award winning machinery has no equal in todays marketplace.

MachTech also offer a range of renovated equipment and also carries the widest range of spare and wear parts for industrial shredding machinery in the UK and not just for our Lindner range of equipment, we can supply parts for all the major shredding machinery manufacturers.

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JGM Waste Solutions

West Midlands

Mattress Recycling Outlet

We have exclusive access to a specialist mattress recycling facility in Gloucestershire with capacity for 30,000 mattresses per month. There is a recycling rate of 95%, with the remainder going to Energy from Waste in the UK.

Carpet Recycling Outlet

Together with strategic partners we are able to accept either loose or baled carpets to be converted into energy for around 20,000 homes in Essex.

Mixed Rigid Plastics

Baled mixed rigid plastics can be collected from your site in containers and exported to our accredited partner site in Turkey for segregation, washing and granulation to be placed back in the manufacturing cycle/

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Fletchers Waste Management


Fletchers Waste Management is a leading provider of total waste management solutions operating throughout the UK. Since 1982. Fletchers have been supplying hazardous, industrial and general waste management, resource and recycling solutions, using innovative techniques to deliver cost effective results whilst upholding the highest levels of health & safety and customer service.

Increased awareness of Fletchers business divisions will help support environmental impacts and improve sustainability for our clients.

Our approach is unique. We take an unconventional view of the waste, recycling and resource management industry by approaching your business with the view to building a bespoke solution that is commercially sensitive, environmentally sustainable and ensures health & safety is prioritised in every event.

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Knight Energy Services


Knight Energy Services (KES), are the leading provider of inspection and testing services for the global coal, coke and biomass industry. We service the Energy from Waste (EfW) industry offering analytical testing services for solid recovered fuels.

These could be materials such as waste wood, solid non-hazardous industrial and household waste or any material that fits the requirements of standard BS EN 15359. Analytical results can be used to determine fuel quality and/or environmental assessments such as presence of hazardous contaminants.

We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for SRF sampling, sample preparation and analysis.

Our scope of SRF and process residues (fly ash, bottom ash, APCR) analysis includes but is not limited to:

Characterisation of waste and manual sorts.

Moisture Content

Bulk Density

Ash Analysis and Ash Fusion Characteristics

Loss on Ignition

Major and Minor Elements


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Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd

County Down

Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd. has been providing a wide range of services in biomass and wastes thermal conversion since 1996 including:

  • Detailed chemical engineering and process design of biomass pyrolysis systems, all unit operations from feedstock handling to end use for power, heat, CHP, chemicals and products,
  • Organisation and evaluation of biomass and waste feedstock pyrolysis and gasification at laboratory, demonstration and commercial scale,
  • Design and build of systems from R&D to commercial scale.
  • Technology surveys, reviews and feasibility studies,
  • Due diligence of thermal conversion technologies,
  • Techno-economic modelling and evaluation of complete systems from feedstock reception to end use of products.
  • Market evaluation of the opportunities for renewable products and technologies,
  • Assistance with plant trouble-shooting, independent monitoring and evaluation, environmental legislation, process authorisation and compliance with emissions.
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Agile Process Chemicals or APChemi is a leading chemical recycler of waste plastics. Currently, APChemi’s proven technology recycles 75 metric tons of end-of-life plastic waste daily into fuels and petrochemicals. APChemi has developed a patented technology for recycling the toughest and dirtiest plastics including mixed plastic waste and multilayered plastic waste, in a sustainable way. APChemi offers lifecycle technology partnership for recycling end-of-life plastic waste in a very transparent manner.

  • Leader in cost-effective chemical recycling of plastics.
  • Promoting sustainable chemical recycling of Plastics, Biomass & Tyre in a very transparent manner.
  • Inspires to be life-cycle partners in chemical recycling of plastics into fuels and petrochemicals.
  • Proven technology in chemical recycling of plastics & biomass.
  • R&D, technology development in chemical recycling of plastic waste
  • Engineering Consultation, Technology Licensing, Turnkey Solution, Operation & Maintenance
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