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With over 50 years of industry experience and innovative expertise under our belt, here at BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd, it's fair to say we know a thing or two about waste management and removal. Over the years we are known for being the hazardous waste and liquid waste experts. However, with our comprehensive Waste Transfer Station permit we excel in all areas of waste management, providing your business with a total waste management solution for all your waste collection, handling and disposal requirements.

Our innovative environmental solutions utilise the latest technologies and proven strategies that are tailored to the specific waste disposal requirements of your business. Having worked with clients from every industry, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the competition and providing a truly bespoke service every time.

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Smart Waste Solutions Australia

Western Australia

We have a range of machines that will fit any purpose. Visit our website to browse through our full range. www.smartwaste.net.au

Alternatively give us a call and we can guide you through selecting the correct machine for your needs.

We can cater for any size business with any volume of waste. The solutions we provide not only reduce waste costs but improves health and safety, staff productivity and cleanliness while creating extra space by eliminating unnecessary bins. We have been represented Australia-wide for over 12 years working with every type of businesses.

We Supply Banding /Strapping, wire loops for all baler’s.

Extensive Range of Plastic Bag Stands and bags for recycling

Products, identifying and deposing of different types of waste.

Consumables for our waste reduction units

If you need a specific product, email the details and we will try and source it for you.

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UK Fire Secure Ltd



UK Fire Secure, based in Norwich and Nottingham, brings together skills, knowledge and experience gained from many years within the Fire and Security sector, providing a truly integrated company ethos.

With both the management team and engineers understanding the specific legislative and performance criteria of a wide-range of Fire protection systems, Access control systems, CCTV and Intrusion detection. This is crucial in today’s environment where more and more of these systems are linked either to each other or to a Building Management System.

Understanding the needs of the customer, the property, the stakeholders and meeting those needs in the most cost-effective manner whilst maintaining and exceeding quality expectations is the cornerstone of the business. UK Fire Secure operates a comprehensive recycling scheme; reduce waste, reuse waste and once these options are exhausted, to recycle.

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ScrapTech International Ltd


ScrapTech offers a Worldwide Maintenance Service for all recycling machines, Baler/Shears are our speciality, we have experience in all the leading makes of shear, also Shredder installations,

For any information please feel at ease to make contact with us.

You may find our services helpful.

If you also repair these machines, and are having a busy period, we also work on a sub contractor basis.

I look forward to hearing from you....

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