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Who we are

At Blazequel, our experience in working in the industry and contact with the WISH Forum means we have an excellent understanding of the fire risks in the waste industry and the best protection solutions for each unique risk area. This ensures that all the systems we provide will work effectively in the harsh waste industry environments.

What we do

We cover all areas of the waste industry including:

• Building detection and suppression

• Process line detection and suppression

• Vehicle fire suppression

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For more information on our solutions and the free services we provide, please call us on 01234 357357 or email Our experienced team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Shield Systems LTD


Fire Shield Systems LTD. The Leaders In Fire Protection.

We design and install bespoke accredited solutions for fire protection across a number of high risk industries specialising in the waste & recycling and fuel to energy sectors.

Fire Shield Systems are the exclusive distributor and service provider of the Dafo Vehicle fire projection system for heavy plant and machinery for the UK. Based out of our facility near Grantham in Lincolnshire our expansive fleet of engineers and vans gives us fast effective UK wide coverage.

We understand the time pressures our costumers operate under and therefore pride ourselves on our efficiency, fast response and the highest levels of engineering.

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Kooi Security


European market Leader in temporary camera surveillance and mobile surveillance.

The decrease of the risk of fire is of great importance to the waste and recycling sector. We have developed the UFO Red for this.

The UFO Red uses a rotating thermometric camera for constant temperature measurement in waste storage. If the temperature measured exceeds the alert threshold set, an alert notification is immediately sent to our certified (PAC; Private Alarm Centre).

We consider the alarm to be of the highest priority and deal with it accordingly, meaning that your protocol is immediately activated.

The UFO Red is highly suitable for monitoring the temperature of extensive batches of combustible products and waste products, both indoor and outdoor. The system has an extremely robust housing and avails of an environmentally-friendly hybrid energy system, allowing it to function fully independently.

Fire Safety Solutions
Health & Safety

UK Fire Secure Ltd



UK Fire Secure, based in Norwich and Nottingham, brings together skills, knowledge and experience gained from many years within the Fire and Security sector, providing a truly integrated company ethos.

With both the management team and engineers understanding the specific legislative and performance criteria of a wide-range of Fire protection systems, Access control systems, CCTV and Intrusion detection. This is crucial in today’s environment where more and more of these systems are linked either to each other or to a Building Management System.

Understanding the needs of the customer, the property, the stakeholders and meeting those needs in the most cost-effective manner whilst maintaining and exceeding quality expectations is the cornerstone of the business. UK Fire Secure operates a comprehensive recycling scheme; reduce waste, reuse waste and once these options are exhausted, to recycle.

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KTS Recycling


Recycle's and Alternative fuel producers in Melbourne South East.

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