Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd

County Down

Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd. has been providing a wide range of services in biomass and wastes thermal conversion since 1996 including:

  • Detailed chemical engineering and process design of biomass pyrolysis systems, all unit operations from feedstock handling to end use for power, heat, CHP, chemicals and products,
  • Organisation and evaluation of biomass and waste feedstock pyrolysis and gasification at laboratory, demonstration and commercial scale,
  • Design and build of systems from R&D to commercial scale.
  • Technology surveys, reviews and feasibility studies,
  • Due diligence of thermal conversion technologies,
  • Techno-economic modelling and evaluation of complete systems from feedstock reception to end use of products.
  • Market evaluation of the opportunities for renewable products and technologies,
  • Assistance with plant trouble-shooting, independent monitoring and evaluation, environmental legislation, process authorisation and compliance with emissions.
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Agile Process Chemicals or APChemi is a leading chemical recycler of waste plastics. Currently, APChemi’s proven technology recycles 75 metric tons of end-of-life plastic waste daily into fuels and petrochemicals. APChemi has developed a patented technology for recycling the toughest and dirtiest plastics including mixed plastic waste and multilayered plastic waste, in a sustainable way. APChemi offers lifecycle technology partnership for recycling end-of-life plastic waste in a very transparent manner.

  • Leader in cost-effective chemical recycling of plastics.
  • Promoting sustainable chemical recycling of Plastics, Biomass & Tyre in a very transparent manner.
  • Inspires to be life-cycle partners in chemical recycling of plastics into fuels and petrochemicals.
  • Proven technology in chemical recycling of plastics & biomass.
  • R&D, technology development in chemical recycling of plastic waste
  • Engineering Consultation, Technology Licensing, Turnkey Solution, Operation & Maintenance
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