UK Fire Secure Ltd



UK Fire Secure, based in Norwich and Nottingham, brings together skills, knowledge and experience gained from many years within the Fire and Security sector, providing a truly integrated company ethos.

With both the management team and engineers understanding the specific legislative and performance criteria of a wide-range of Fire protection systems, Access control systems, CCTV and Intrusion detection. This is crucial in today’s environment where more and more of these systems are linked either to each other or to a Building Management System.

Understanding the needs of the customer, the property, the stakeholders and meeting those needs in the most cost-effective manner whilst maintaining and exceeding quality expectations is the cornerstone of the business. UK Fire Secure operates a comprehensive recycling scheme; reduce waste, reuse waste and once these options are exhausted, to recycle.

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Agile Process Chemicals or APChemi is a leading chemical recycler of waste plastics. Currently, APChemi’s proven technology recycles 75 metric tons of end-of-life plastic waste daily into fuels and petrochemicals. APChemi has developed a patented technology for recycling the toughest and dirtiest plastics including mixed plastic waste and multilayered plastic waste, in a sustainable way. APChemi offers lifecycle technology partnership for recycling end-of-life plastic waste in a very transparent manner.

  • Leader in cost-effective chemical recycling of plastics.
  • Promoting sustainable chemical recycling of Plastics, Biomass & Tyre in a very transparent manner.
  • Inspires to be life-cycle partners in chemical recycling of plastics into fuels and petrochemicals.
  • Proven technology in chemical recycling of plastics & biomass.
  • R&D, technology development in chemical recycling of plastic waste
  • Engineering Consultation, Technology Licensing, Turnkey Solution, Operation & Maintenance
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R4 Monitoring


Waste management made efficient.

Monitoring solutions for the waste collection and transportation business.

R4 Monitoring is a powerful platform, with hardware and software solutions, designed to monitor and track the logistics of the waste collection industry.

Through the use of detection sensors positioned on compactors, the R4 Software is able to avoid empty trips or trips with only partially loaded units, resulting in a 40% reduction in costs and a 30% reduction in emissions.*

Position, status and working conditions of waste compactors are tracked remotely and in real time for efficient maintenance and reduced operational costs.

* As achieved with 3000+ systems in Italy, Spain, UK and US

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