Bumer Makina


Bumer Makina, established in 1998 in Izmir City of Turkey, a manufacturer of special trucks equipment such as garbage compactors, tippers, vacuum and water tanks, man lifts etc.

Also, we have a wide exportation network and hundreds of customers in countries like especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kosovo, Romania, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Iran, Algeria etc.

Our production line has over 20 CE certificated products; such as cranes, telescopic platforms, garbage compactors, firefighting trucks, jetting and vacuum tanks etc.


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R4 Monitoring


Waste management made efficient.

Monitoring solutions for the waste collection and transportation business.

R4 Monitoring is a powerful platform, with hardware and software solutions, designed to monitor and track the logistics of the waste collection industry.

Through the use of detection sensors positioned on compactors, the R4 Software is able to avoid empty trips or trips with only partially loaded units, resulting in a 40% reduction in costs and a 30% reduction in emissions.*

Position, status and working conditions of waste compactors are tracked remotely and in real time for efficient maintenance and reduced operational costs.

* As achieved with 3000+ systems in Italy, Spain, UK and US

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New Jersey

IVORY PHAR INC is a leading dealer supplier of various type of scrap material and that include ldpe film, scrap pet bottle, hdpe milk jug, hdpe blue drum and etc. With our headquarter at North Brunswick, NJ and over two decades of our existence in the industry. Our establishment took place with the aim to help reduce pollution, reduce landfill and serve our sea/ocean for our unborn generation as recycling is an important environmental as well as economically aspect of it. Where ever our customers are located, we are able to supply them from our geographically closest leading shipping company MSC. By achieving this, we provide our customers with the lowest possible scrap price. With IVORY PHAR. INC,. what was previously regarded as waste material is transformed on-the-spot into new raw material, generating additional profits and reducing the cost of waste handling and disposal.ivorypharinc.com

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