Throwaway Living

Started 31/10/2018 10:52 AM UK

This article was published in Life Magazine in 1955 titled "Throwaway Living". The photo shows an American Family celebrating the convenience of disposable papers and plastics, an almost eerie prediction of the future. We have included the article below;

Disposable Items Cut Down Household Chores

The objects flying through the air in this picture would take 40 hours to clean- except that no housewife need bother. They are all meant to be thrown away after use. Many are new; others, such as Paper plates and towels, have been around a long time but are now being made more attractive.Ar the bottom of the picture, to the left of a New York City Department of of Sanitation trash can, are some throwaway vases and flowers, popcorn that pops in its own pan.

Moving clockwise around the photograph come assorted frozen food containers, a checkered paper napkin, a disposable diaper (seriously suggested as one reason for a rise in the US birth rate) and, behind it, a baby's bib. At top are throwaway water wings, foil pans, paper table-cloth, guest towels and a sectional plate. At right is an all-purpose bucket and, scattered throughout the picture, paper cups for beer and highballs. In the basket are throwaway draperies, ash trays, garbage bags, hot pads, mats and a feeding dish for dogs. At the base of the basket are two items for hunters to throw away: disposable goose and duck decoys.